Driver update: Matrox G400/G450/G200

Patser reported a new driver for the Matrox G400/G200 cards for use with XFree 4.0.2 under Linux on the Intel platform.

Since this driver increases the clock speeds available to you, it is therefore interesting for anyone who has a suitable configuration: more performance is always welcome. Incidentally, the driver – as so often – is only available as beta.

The release notes can be found here. This is also where the following quote comes from regarding the functionality of the driver:

This XFree86 4.0.2 driver includes support for the G450, G400 and G200 graphics adapters. Supported features include DualHead support for the G450, DualHead, digital flat panel, and TVout support for the G400, and multiple display support for the G200 Multi-Monitor series. This driver is also programmed to set the internal clock speeds to production levels, increasing 2D and 3D performance under XFree86.

[…] The driver is for x86 based architectures only. Support for other architectures is planned for future release. Please take note that this is a beta driver and is not supported by Matrox.

Version number 1.01.05
Operating systems Linux
Website Matrox