Software Update: Client 2.9003.480 / .481 has released a number of new clients. Also some of the pre-release page have been moved to the release page. The changelog for these two new versions tells us the following:


  • fix: smp via fork: 2nd process died after switching to project ogr (added workaround for #3006)
  • chg: ppc: use OGR-scalar cruncher for PowerPC 7450 (#3035)
  • fix: ppc: manual selection of OGR cores is now possible
  • new: macosx: CPU temperature reading by Karakoussis Apostolos
  • new: ppc: two additional rc5-72 cores for ppc by Didier Levet
  • new: arm: ogr assembly cores by Peter Teichmann


  • new: x86: rc5-72 core by Gnatiuc Ianos (Athlon optimized)
  • chg: all: -numcpu 0 disables use of shared memory (if any)
  • fix: macosx: changed -install to work on Mac OS X 10.2 (#1618)

[break] Solaris/SunOS [x86] (v2.9003.480)
NetBSD [vax] (v2.9003.480)
NetBSD [x86] (v2.9003.481)
BSD/OS [4.x/x86/ELF] (v2.9003.480)
Linux [Alpha-ev5/ELF] (v2.9003.480)
Linux [PPC/glibc2/mt] (v2.9003.481)
Linux [x86/ELF] (v2.9003.481)
OS/2 [x86] (v2.9003.481)

Version number 2.9003.480 / 2.9003.481
Operating systems Linux, Linux x86, OS/2, Solaris
License type Freeware