Software update: DBeaver 21.3.4

Version 21.3.4 of DBeaver has been released. With this program databases can be managed. It can perform queries, display, filter and edit data, among other things. Support for the well-known databases, such as MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Firebird and SQLite, is available. It is available in a CE and EE flavour, with the former being open source at no cost. The enterprise flavor adds support for several nosql databases, such as MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Hive, as well as additional plugins and jdbc drivers. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Changes in DBeaver version 21.3.4:

  • data editor:
    • Row fetch size now can be set to a small value (up to 1 row)
    • Search in data grid with enabled numbers formatting now works properly
    • Date/time editor calendar presentation now shows proper error messages
    • Data loss on resultset scrolling confirmation was added
    • Option to highlight selected cell value was added
    • Value view panel now supports shortcuts to switch between data formats (configurable)
  • SQL editor:
    • Bug with missing resultset tab focus was fixed
    • Script selector panel now supports “All connections” mode
  • data transfer:
    • Export of columns of composite data types support was added
    • Popup message boxes were replaced with task bar notifications
  • Navigator tree: database object comments render was added (configurable)
  • BLOB/binary editor: problem with changes saving in hex editor was fixed
  • Dashboard view: problem with memory leaks was resolved
  • Auto-close or idle connections option was added (configurable)
  • Driver editor: Maven artifacts settings save/load was fixed
  • Bug with empty editor tabs after restart was fixed
  • Redundant logging during connection context menu opening was fixed
  • New database drivers:
    • Apache Calcite Avatica
    • Apache Druid
    • Apache Kylin
  • click house:
    • New driver was added. Old driver was renamed to Legacy.
    • LIMIT clause support was added for data read queries
  • Exasol: execution plan save/load was implemented
  • MySQL/MariaDB: permission editor was redesigned, grant option support was fixed
  • MariaDB:
    • New driver (3.x) support was added
    • Packages and sequences support was added
  • Oracle:
    • Table constraints load performance was significantly increased (thanks to @skybber)
    • PL/SQL syntax support was improved (packages and procedures parser was fixed)
    • WITH clause parser was improved
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Identifiers quoting was added for table DDL
    • Database backup now supports “drop if exists” option
    • Row replace method “ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE” support was fixed
  • redshift:
    • New view create was fixed
    • Driver version was updated to 2.1
  • Generic driver now support sequences and synonyms edit/rename
  • Japanese localization was improved (thanks to @yoshinorin)
  • Several minor UI bugs were fixed

Version number 21.3.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website DBeaver
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)