Software Update: Control Panel for DirectX 8.0

on M3DZone I found a handy tool, namely a control panel for DirectX 8.0. After you have extracted the file and copied the cpl file to the system(32) directory, a new icon will appear in the control panel. Various properties can be set for all DirectX components via these DirectX Properties. A must for the tweaker who wants to change everything (positive or not):

If you’ve already downloaded DirectX8.0 and want to learn a bit more about it or customize more, download the DirectX8.0 Control Panel from our server, here. The zip file contains a .cpl file and you just have to put it in your windowssystem or winntsystem32 folder. Then go to the control panel and voila the icon is there!

Version number 1.0
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website M3DZone