Software Update: Combined Community Codec Pack 24.11.2013

A stable release of the Combined Community Codec Pack has been released. Although the name suggests otherwise, the Combined Community Codec Pack is actually a filter pack. Where previously the ffdshow filter package was used, nowadays preference is given to the LAV filters. In addition to the necessary filters, the media player Media Player Classic Home Cinema is also included and all components can be installed as desired. Below is the changelog of this release.

Updated components:

  • Haali Package 1.13.356.20 (CCCP Build)
  • LAV Filters
  • MPC-HC (shows up as 39)

Installer and settings applications

  • OGM and “normal OGG” (OGG, OGV) have been separated from each other in the system settings app, and only OGM is now enabled with the Haali’s splitter. This enables us to specifically target the one type of format that doesn’t work with libavformat, minimizing the unneeded usage of Haali’s splitter.
  • The installer and uninstaller no longer touch a long-unused HKLM MPC ExePath key.
  • Everything has been updated to the new MPC-HC registry key
  • The user level settings application now disables MPC-HC’s settings migration from the old key in case of a settings reset. Migration does not remove the original key’s contents and thus leaving it to activate would lead to extra funkyness during each and every settings reset.
  • The installer no longer tries to touch the default value from the MPC-HC key.


  • MPC-HC has switched the registry key it uses. This can break various old software that depended on the old location, including GTSdll. The recommended solution is to switch to something that can use the web interface instead.
  • A problem with MPC-HC incorrectly pushing things onto the clipboard with the button in the about window has been fixed. Data on the clipboard will now not get destroyed if you haven’t pasted it before closing the app.
  • MPC-HC now handles files with a single random access point as files that have no known random access points. This makes the player fall back from the fast seeking mode, and lets the user seek in such files.
  • Random access point information is now reloaded when a splitter calls a length change. This should fix seeking problems when switching between editions, for example.
  • MPC-HC should now report a human-readable error in case it fails to hook certain system functionality (usually due to certain kind of security software).
  • Various fixes and tweaks.
  • MPC-HC is now built with Visual Studio 2012, Update 4.


  • HEVC decoding support has been added. Colorimetry information is also parsed from the stream and passed along.
  • HEVC demuxing support is added for the following containers:
    • Matroska and MP4, as both of these use a way of doing it based upon 14496-15, 3rd Edition.
    • MPEG-TS
  • VP9 decoding support has been added.
  • A problem with the LAV Video and Audio tray icons crashing when you click them to open the property windows has been fixed. U78’s patch forgot to initialize some values ​​so a random memory location would be executed (and not executable regions would just go boom and crash).
  • LAV Video now handles Annex B H.264 in MP4. Such files are technically broken, but since various things can still handle them, it is good to have them work with LAV as well. This fixes the last remaining regression with decoding we had compared to the releases based on FFDShow-tryouts.
  • LAV Video now tries to detect from the pin info if the renderer “understands” (or “can handle”) the DXVA2ExtendedFormat colorimetry information. This is less safe than the white list approach done with the last release, but it seems to generally work.
  • LAV Audio should now handle bit streaming changes while paused better.
  • DTS parsing in LAV has been improved, certain cases of data being read incorrectly as DTS-HD markers should now be fixed.
  • LAV Video should now not try to decode in case the internal decoder context is missing.
  • LAV Filters are now built with Visual Studio 2012, Update 4.

Haali Package

  • A change that broke Haali’s renderer under certain circumstances has been reverted. This was an additional change on top of the top-down RGB preference, and thus does not affect the slowness fix for LAV Video + Haali’s renderer with RGB output.

Version number 24.11.2013
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
File size


License type Freeware