Software update: Brackets 1.2

Adobe has released version 1.2 of Brackets. This open source and cross platform text editor developed in HTML, CSS and Javascript focuses mainly on web development. Features of the program include Live Preview, which displays edits in the editor directly in the web browser, in-line editing, which allows customizing specific code without popups or extra tabs, and baked-in preprocessor support. Brackets can be downloaded with or without a preview of Extract for Brackets, a program that can extract information from PSD files, including colors, fonts, and gradations. The complete release notes are available on this page are found, these are the main improvements made since version 1.1:

What’s New in Release 1.2

Code Editing


UI Appearance

  • Windows High DPI support: Brackets automatically renders text, icons, and images more crisply on high-DPI displays (similar to the appearance on Mac Retina screens).

Key Bindings




Full change logs: brackets and brackets-shell

UI Changes

Split View – The editor pane that is inactive is no longer dimmed. To restore the dimming behavior, install the Zen Pane extension

API Changes

jQuery – Upgraded from 2.1.1 to 2.1.3

Event listeners – Deprecation warnings occur when extensions use $().on()/off() on Brackets core modules and model objects. Call .on()/off() directly instead, as introduced in Brackets 1.1. (For DOM elements, continue to use jQuery events).

New/Improved Extensibility APIs

colors – Use ColorUtils.COLOR_NAMES for a list of standard CSS/SVG named colors.

Known Issues

  • Activity Monitor in Mavericks (OS X 10.9) says the Brackets Helper process is “Not Responding” even when it’s working normally (#5794† You can safely ignore this unless Brackets is actually failing to respond when you click or type text.
  • Debug > Run Tests is disabled in the installer/DMG distributions of Brackets, because the unit test code is not included. To run unit tests, pull Brackets from GitHub instead.

Community contributions to Brackets

Pulling source code from Git

  • Highly recommended: rebuild or reinstall an updated brackets-shell (no critical updates, but there are significant bug fixes and new features).
  • Some submodules were updated this sprint. Run git submodule update to ensure your source tree is fully up to date.

Bug fixed in Release 1.2

For details on the bugs addressed, please refer to closed Release 1.2 bugs† Not all fixed bugs will be caught by this search query, however.

Version number 1.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website Adobe
File sizes

34.20MB – 43.20MB

License type GPL