Software Update: Boinc 6.6.36

Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing is a distributed computing platform and is available for Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, and Windows. A number of grid projects make use of this platform, such as [email protected], [email protected], Leiden Classical and [email protected]. For more information about the how and what of Boinc, we refer you to this page. The developers released a new version for the different platforms a few days ago with 6.6.36 as the version number. The corresponding list of changes looks like this:

Version 6.6.36:

  • client: read app_info.xml’s AFTER scanning GPUs. Otherwise we’ll discard all GPU apps and results.

Version 6.6.35:

  • MGR: CBOINCClientManager::ProcessExists?() finds the process by name if we don’t have a pid (Mac, Linux) or process HANDLE (Windows). On Mac and Linux, it returns the pid if the process was found.
  • MGR: Use code like get_client_mutex() to determine if client is running. New CBOINCClientManager::KillClient?() uses process name to kill client if we don’t have a pid (Mac, Linux) or process HANDLE (Windows). NOTE: Windows implementation not yet finished.
  • MGR: Implement CBOINCClientManager::KillClient?() and IsBOINCClient() for Windows. NOTE: I have confirmed that the “ps -a -x -c -o command,pid” command as used in IsBOINCRunning() should works in Ubuntu under VMWare, but it needs to be tested on other Linux platforms.
  • lib: Fix FILE_LOCK::unlock() to reset fd to -1 so FILE_LOCK works correctly with repeated calls.
  • MGR: Fix compiler error on Windows.
  • lib: Fix compiler error on Windows. *Mac MGR: In Async RPC logic, use posix mutexes and conditions instead of wxWidgets implementations on the Mac, as this appears to fix an intermittent hang in wxCondition::Wait().
  • lib: FILE_LOCK::lock() makes lockfile group-writable so both client and manager can create and write it under sandbox security.

Version 6.6.34:

  • client: if scheduler request didn’t request work, don’t report 0 tasks
  • client: show “est. delay” correctly in work fetch debug msgs
  • client: show times correctly in rr_sim debug msgs
  • client: in “requesting new tasks” msg, say what resources we’re requesting (if there’s more than CPU)
  • client: estimated delay was possibly being calculated incorrectly because of roundoff error
  • client: add a 1e-6 slop factor in deciding if a resource is fully utilized.
  • client: when parsing app_info.xml, make sure coprocessors are present. fixes #911

Version 6.6.33:

  • client: include plan class in other_result list in sched request (for resource-specific jobs-in-progress limit)

Version 6.6.32:

  • MGR: fix display problem when talking to old clients
  • MGR: In Async RPC logic, change calling order for wxCondition and wxMutex from to be consistent with examples in literature, hoping this might fix an intermittent hang in wxConition::Wait().

Version 6.6.31:

  • client: fixed nasty bug that caused GPU jobs to crash on startup when they’re preempting another GPU job. The problem was as follows:
    • job A is chosen to preempt job B
    • we tell job B to quit, and initialize job A but don’t start it; however, we set if scheduler state to SCHEDULED (rather than UNINITIALIZED)
    • job B exits, and we start job A. Since its state is not UNITIALIZED, we don’t set up its slot dir.
    • job A runs in an empty slot dir, doesn’t find its files, and bombs out.
  • client: add option (prints messages about allocation of slots, creating/removing files in slot dirs).

Version number 6.6.36
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, Linux x86, macOS, Windows XP x64, Linux AMD64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64
Website Boinc
License type GPL