Software update: Blender 2.49a

The Blender Foundation released an update this weekend for the version 2.49 of the open source and cross platform 3D program Blender, which was released at the end of May. This program is intended for 3d modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. More information about the extensive possibilities of Blender can be found on this page are being found. This program includes the open source animation films ‘Elephant’s Dream‘ and ‘Big Buck Bunny‘ made. The changelog mainly shows bug fixes, but a handful of new features have been added to the program as well. Below is the changelog for version 2.49a:


  • AO render gives wrong pixels on first sample it takes in a tile
  • GE: Anisotropic friction with zero values ​​caused objects to jump to infinity
  • GE: Materials using Object texture coordinates caused crash
  • GE Python: Bug in KX_GameObject.get() and ListValue.get()
  • GE Python: GameEngine sys.path creation was broken (caused YoFrankie game to not start)
  • GE bug fix: dynamically added sensor objects didn’t have their physical shape synchronized with movement.
  • GE: light in skinned object only work properly after running the action once.
  • The .deb Linux builds didn’t include FFMPG
  • Bullet: fix for Torque and 6DOF constraints
  • Bullet: Applied torque breaks rigid bodies in game engine
  • GE Python: getScreenPosition, Ray and Vect fixes
  • GE: Bugfix to avoid crashing BGE on Mobile Intel GMA 950/945 Express GPU
  • GE: lights in non-glsl mode didn’t move anymore, missing matrix update.
  • GE: changing the scale of a sleeping object wasn’t working with bullet.
  • GE Python: Action Actuator setChannel() function was broken in a number of ways
  • GE: Loading older blend files (from the blender Gamekit 1.0 demos) that use Sumo crashed on playback
  • GE: Shadow face flag ignored object’s scale
  • GE: Warnings were being printed twice
  • GE: Sound Actuator negative events would play a sound when no sound had played yet.
  • GE: Sound Actuator with loop-end stop on negative events.
  • Sequencer: Scrubbing sound could create an echo
  • Sequencer: fixed two cases with crashing FFMPG
  • Sequencer: “duplicate strip” always increase the user count for ipo now.
  • Sequencer: Work around crash in dv-reader or ffmpeg, that can happen, if some frames don’t contain audio
  • Sequencer: free_imbuf_seq() didn’t free all scenes. That will lead to steady memory growth in case of nested timelines with several scenes.
  • Sequencer: Big Proxy fixes, addressing hopefully most complaints on mailing list and in tracker
  • Fixed color balance tool. Problem was: we pretended to do Lift/Gamma/Gain,
    but in reality we did (1-Offset)/Power/Slope. (slightly modified ASC CDL). So now, the GUI is able to switch modes between ASC CDL-mode and real Lift/Gamma/Gain.
  • Syncing audio to 3D window works again
  • Texture nodes: Noise function was not correct for Bricks node
  • Texture nodes: Translate node works now
  • DXF im/export: several fixes and update
  • Negatively scaled objects resulted in incorrect boolean output.
  • Surface option for Force Fields crashed on non-mesh objects, so hide it if not applicable. Also made it support surf, curve, font objects.
  • Render: particle hair strands missed first segment when rendering as regular geometry (not strand render)
  • Particles: using modifiers/UV slowed it down unnecessary


  • Compositor: UV Map node now has better handling of edge cases (where UV values ​​meet sky background)
  • Wavefront OBJ support to import & export curves as OBJ native curves (rather then a bunch of edges)
  • Wavefront OBJ X90 option for export to write files without rotation.
  • Sequencer: effect strips had no filter option, which was therefore added. So you can apply color balance on effect filter output
  • GE Python support for __contains__ “prop” in gameOb and “OBCube” in scene.objects syntax.
  • GE Python support for dictionary style get() cont.actuators.get(“key”, default), works for sensors and object controllers too.

Version number 2.49a
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Linux AMD64, Linux IA-64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website Blender Foundation
File sizes 10.50MB – 24.00MB
License type GPL