Software update: AC3Filter 1.63b

A new beta release of AC3filter was released on Tuesday. This Directshow filter makes it possible to decode and edit sound from movie files in real time. The software is mainly intended to be able to play files with surround sound, such as ac3 and dts tracks. Also, the codec is able to reproduce the sound of a s/pdifprocessing output. Since version 1.60b, the filter is available in three different performances downloadable, namely full, lite and win9x, the former also containing a 64-bit version of the filter. Below are the changes made in this release:

Release notes:

  • AC3 decoding bug fixed (Issue 1)
  • Channel order bug fixed (issue 43)
  • Remote control using messages
  • Write version number to the registry on install (issue 17)
  • Command line interface for AC3Config utility (run ac3config /? for help)
  • Swedish translation added (thanks to Niclas Burgren)
  • French language updated (thanks to Philippe AGUESSE)
Version number 1.63b
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website AC3Filter
File size 2.53MB
License type GPL