Snapchat Family Center gives parents insight into child’s friends and contacts

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Snapchat’s upcoming parental control feature, Family Center, will allow parents to monitor their children on the social media platform without being able to view the children’s posts.

Family Center enables parents to see who their child is friends with on Snapchat. Unlike many other social media, friends on Snapchat are not visible to the outside world. In addition, parents can see who their child has been talking to in the past week. However, the content of those conversations is not visible.

Parents can invite their child to Family Center within the app. The child must accept the invitation before parents can understand their child’s friends list and contacts. So it is not possible to spy on your kid on Snapchat without his knowledge.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel announced the feature’s arrival last year without giving any details. Screenshots that Watchful provided to TechCrunch show what the future feature currently looks like. Perhaps some aspects will eventually change. It is not yet known when Family Center will be officially released.

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