Simple AdWords Tips That Will Make You More Money

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A well-executed Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is the best way to increase conversions and revenue. This is helpful for showing your products or services at the top of the first page of Google and other search engines on relevant searches.
Here are some most important tips that can make big improvement into your PPC campaigns, and helps you to earn more money from your business.

1. You Landing Page Should Be Relevant

The main goal of a PPC marketing is to make or improve in the sale. Its objective is not just to get a click. So, you should optimize your landing pages for PPC conversions by making the message of your ads align with your landing page message. Consistency between your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages Can improve your click-through and conversion rates. This way you can make more money while also conserving your budget. You can increase the conversions by showing the same message and CTA on your landing page.

2. Optimize Negative Keywords

Ensure the integrity of your AdWords campaign is by optimizing for negative keywords. AdWords allows you to specify what keywords are not a good fit for your product or service. You can specify what your product is not. So, your ads dont show on keyword searches that don’t match with the intent of your customers.
It is just as important to tell Google what your product and service is not just as much as it is to tell them what you are. Negative keywords can be added to the campaign level, but you can hone in by adding unique keywords to specific ad groups when needed.

3. Use the Right Keyword Match Types

AdWords shows ads based on how relevant the auction system considers the search term and displays an ad accordingly.  Keywords and the type of modifiers you use for those words you use is the most important piece of a PPC campaign.There are four types of keyword matches, including:
Broad: This is the widest net you can cast and will match searches with any words in any order (including synonyms) that include the target keyword.
Broad Match Modified: This match type is the second widest net you can cast and is signified by a (+) sign in front of your keywords. This modifier will show your ad that shows the target keyword in the order you specify.
Phrase Match: Keyword phrases are a string of words contained in quotation marks. This modifier will show your ad only when searchers use the exact phrase you specify.
Exact Match: This keyword modifier is similar to phrase match, but your ads will only show with the exact search query. This modifier is signified by putting your keyword(s) in brackets.sem adwords search modifiers
If you want the most impressions, then you should choose Broad Match (but don’t do that) for your AdWords marketing campaign. On the other hand, Exact Match will have the lowest impressions but should have higher relevancy and click-through rate.

4. Alter Keyword Match Type Over Time

For the first 30 days of a campaign, use Broad Modified match types because they offer a good level of control to qualify when your ads show. After 30 days change your focus to more Phrase and Exact Match words, allowing for the higher performing Broad Modifiers to remain.

5. Fill Out All Available Ad Content

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) released in July 2016. This has made a substantial impact on the world of AdWords. By offering additional space for relevant content, ETAs provide PPC managers an excellent way to tell a story about a product or service. If you want your ads to perform better, make sure you fill out all available information fields.

6. Use Every Relevant Ad Extension

AdWords PPC managers remember that Ad extensions can help tell your brand’s story better while offering valuable information to your customers. Sitelinks Extensions, Callout Extensions and Structured Snippets are some of the ad extensions

7. Adjust Bids for Geotargeting

You can benefit by focusing your marketing dollars on specific geographic locations. For example, if you sell snow shovels then you should negative bid in warmer areas since people in those areas likely won’t need your product and you will be wasting money on each click from those areas. However, you should increase geotargeted bids for cities that will experience increased snowfall from an incoming cold front. Many AdWords managers don’t consider the needs of their customers and other qualifiers based on the physical location of their audience.

8. Break Out Mobile-Optimized Campaigns

Many of your future customers use mobile devices. So, you should have campaigns optimized for mobile users. In Adword,
Mobile-optimized campaigns give you the best chance to engage your mobile customers in the right format on their preferred device.

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