Silverstone makes Krypton KR02 CPU cooler available

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Silverstone has introduced the Krypton KR02. It is a processor cooler with a height of 125 mm that has three heat pipes. According to the manufacturer, the Krypton KR02 can cool standard CPUs with a TDP of up to 130W.

The dimensions of the Krypton KR02 are 92x125x51mm and Silverstone supplies a 25mm thick 92mm fan to draw in cold air for the aluminum cooling fins behind. That fan rotates at 800 to 2800rpm and that would be enough to keep processors with a TDP up to 130W at the right temperature. According to the manufacturer, the Krypton KR02 can also be used in combination with more powerful processors, but then a housing ‘with efficient airflow’ is required.

The Krypton cooler has a copper base to which three copper heatpipes with a diameter of 6mm are attached. The product offers direct support for Intel LGA2066 and LGA115x sockets; AMD AM4 support requires a bracket. The manufacturer has not yet announced a price and the cooler also does not seem to be in the range of online stores at the time of writing.

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