Signal reports large increase in downloads on Android

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Signal sees a big increase in downloads. The chat app is gaining popularity as WhatsApp changes its terms. Signal shows the increase in the Play Store, but exact figures about the growth are not known.

Signal reports the increase in a tweet. In it, the service writes that the number of downloads in the Play Store on Android is above fifty million. The chat app does not report exactly how many downloads that are. The Play Store gives a rough number of downloads, which in this case is between fifty and one hundred million.

The encrypted chat app is most likely gaining popularity due to changing terms of the competing service WhatsApp. That changed its conditions earlier this month. With the new conditions, parent company Facebook can use more data from WhatsApp users, although little will change for Europeans.

Due to the new conditions, which are announced via a screen-filling pop-up, a large group of users is looking for an alternative, although Signal itself does not specifically say that the growth is due to this.

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