Samsung Showcases 77″ S95C-QD OLED TV Priced at $4,499

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Samsung Electronics has been displaying the 77″ version of the S95C to be released this year on its US website for some time. This latest QD OLED TV with One Connect Box is shown with a price of $4499.

On the American Samsung site, the 77″ version of the S95C is displayed if a filter for the latest televisions is set. If you then click through, no further information about this specific model appears and a message follows that the page is not available. The 77″ version is the only format of the S95C shown. As a result, it is unclear what the dollar prices for the 55″ and 65″ version will be.

The S95C will be the highest positioned model of QD OLED televisions that Samsung will market this year. It has a different design than its predecessor, the S95B, which was released last year. The new model has a One Connect Box, an external box containing the power supply and all connections, which is connected to the screen of the television with one thin cable.

The S95C also has a second-generation QD OLED panel. According to television reviewer Vincent Teoh of HDTVtest, this should lead to a brightness that, after calibration and with not too deviating color temperatures, is about 1300cd/m², while the S95B came out at about 1000cd/m². During CES, Samsung showed the S95B and S95C side by side and it turned out that the new television is noticeably brighter in the highlights than its predecessor.

Samsung is also coming this year with a more direct-looking successor to the S95B: the S90C. This model does not get a One Connect Box. It is still unclear whether the S90C will also receive the latest panel, although that is in line with expectations. It is clear that this 2023 model will also have a 77″ version in addition to a 55″ and a 65″. Last year, Samsung’s S95B was only released in diagonals of 55 and 65 inches.

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