Samsung is looking for engineers to develop GPU for low-end smartphones

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Samsung has been looking for engineers in the US to develop graphics chips for some time now. The first GPUs are for low-end smartphones and tablets, later GPUs should also end up in autonomously driving cars.

From the vacancy text on a LinkedIn page of a recruiter, discovered by WinFuture, it can be concluded that Samsung wants to develop the gpu entirely itself: “We determine the isa, the architecture, the software, the entire solution.” The company talks about a ‘flagship GPU’, which should end up in cheaper mobile devices and successive generations should be able to be used for autonomous driving and machine learning.

There have been reports since at least 2013 that Samsung wants to develop its own GPU and the LinkedIn page of the recruiter also contains a promotional text from the end of 2016. Most messages in recent years assumed that it was high. -end GPUs would go for the company’s Exynos chips. So far, no GPUs from the company have appeared. The company’s Exynos socs do have cores designed by Samsung, but the GPUs of the chips are Mali copies of Arm.

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