Google introduces web version of Android Messages

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Google has expanded its Messages service with new functionality. Among other things, ‘Messages for the web’ has been added, with which messages can be sent via a web version of the service.

To use the web version, users need to open the Messages app on their Android device, select ‘Messages for the web’ and scan the QR code on the page in their browser with the phone. Users can send text, emoji, stickers, and attachments, just like the Android version of Messages. According to Google, the web version was a popular option.

Messages has also been expanded with a function to add gifs to chats, and there is a smart reply function, although it can only be used in English for the time being. Messages will now also show a preview of that page when pasting links, so that you can see where the link leads in the conversation.

Furthermore, the notification for a verification code, as you get with two-step authentication, has been given a copy button, so that the code can be quickly pasted into the input field. Google offers Messages for the web immediately, the other functions will follow later this week and this requires users to update their app.

Google announced a major expansion to Android Messages in April in the form of Chat, which makes the app compatible with rcs. This Rich Communication Services standard should extend SMS so that this service will resemble chat services such as WhatsApp, but providers must support it.

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