Samsung introduces Neo QLED televisions with mini LED backlight

Samsung introduces its first Neo QLED televisions. These LCD TVs get a mini LED backlight and come with a 4k or 8k resolution. The company has not yet announced suggested retail prices or release dates.

Samsung’s Neo QLED lineup consists of two 8k models; the QN900A and a QN800A. The company also comes with three series of 4k variants with its QN95A, QN90A and QN85A models, writes The Verge. The manufacturer provides the televisions with, among other things, a backlight based on mini LEDs. The backlight is equipped with thousands of small LEDs, as the name suggests. It is not yet clear what these televisions will cost.

Such screens must, among other things, offer better image quality compared to regular LCDs, with improved contrast, better local dimming and reduced blooming. The Neo QLED televisions still use a quantum dot film, which converts the light from the mini LED backlight into red, green and blue light.

Samsung states that its mini LEDs are up to forty times lower than the LEDs in its regular LCDs. However, the company does not disclose how many separate miniLEDs and dimmable zones the Neo QLED TVs have. To illustrate: LG released the first details about its upcoming mini LED televisions at the end of last year. Those TVs will have almost 30,000 mini LEDs, which together must be good for almost 2500 zones for full-array local dimming.

Samsung’s Neo QLED televisions. Images via Samsung

The company is also introducing new software features in its upcoming televisions, including for gamers. Samsung allows users to play games on a relative screen ratio of 21:9 or 32:9. Users can then raise or lower the image display between the letterboxes. Samsung also mentions the arrival of a Game Bar function, with which users can change image settings for, for example, input lag and view the frame rate of a game.

The televisions also receive support for variable refresh rates via FreeSync Premium Pro. The company is also introducing a SpaceFit Sound function, which checks the acoustics of a room via the built-in microphone and adjusts the sound settings accordingly.

Samsung’s 2021 models will have a fitness mode, which shows a fitness coach who demonstrates exercises. Users can connect a Logitech webcam to get posture tips. The remote controls of future Samsung TVs will also run on solar energy, although they can also be charged via USB. With this, the company hopes to reduce battery waste. The packaging of upcoming Samsung products will become smaller, simpler and function as a construction kit.

Game Bar and a fitness function. Images via Samsung

The company continues with a new variant of The Frame, which is thinner than its predecessor and can be supplied with screen bezels in different colors. The company also comes with televisions with microLEDs, which this time will be available to consumers. The manufacturer announced the arrival of this earlier.

The company will initially release a microLED TV with a 110″ screen, followed by a 99″ model later. Engadget writes that Samsung will also introduce an 88″ variant. Samsung does not mention a concrete resolution in its press release, but the company mentioned in the earlier announcement that the upcoming microLED TVs would consist of eight million pixels. have resolution.

The 110″ microLED TV will cost 170 million won in South Korea. At the time of writing, that is about 127,000 euros. Samsung does not yet report recommended prices for the 88″ and 99″ variants. will cost is not yet known.

MicroLED TVs and The Frame 2021. Images via Samsung