Samsung has sold a million Galaxy Fold devices

Samsung has sold a million copies of the Galaxy Fold, the foldable smartphone-cum-tablet that has provided the company with a suggested retail price of 2020 euros and which had a difficult introduction.

The sales figure was mentioned by the president of Samsung Electronics, Young Sohn, during TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin. When asked if Samsung is comfortable selling a $2,000 device for what is essentially a beta product, the CEO replied, “The point is, we’re selling a million of these products. There are a million people who have this. want to use the product for $2,000.”

The Galaxy Fold appeared at the end of September. According to TechCrunch, there were estimates in October that Samsung had shipped half a million units. According to Samsung, releases like the Fold are important to get customer feedback.

Samsung announced the Fold in early 2019 during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the release was planned in April. After reviewers discovered the necessary flaws, Samsung had to postpone the release to make improvements. Among other things, the device received extra protective caps on the fold to prevent dust from entering the hinge and Samsung placed the protective layer of the screen under the screen edge. Previously, reviewers picked that layer off.