Samsung Galaxy Watch4 will appear on August 27 from 269 euros

Samsung will release its Galaxy Watch4 watches on August 27. They are the first smartwatches with Wear OS that were jointly developed by Samsung and Google. The smallest entry-level model costs 269 euros. The Classic version with rotating bezel starts at 369 euros.

Samsung equips its new wearables with its BioActive sensor. This is a sensor that measures blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen percentage. The watches have a Body composition tool with which wearers can map their body composition, according to the manufacturer. In addition, muscle mass, resting metabolism, body water and fat percentage are displayed.

The new smartwatches are also able to track sleep with more detail. A paired smartphone can recognize snoring and the watches measure blood oxygen levels during sleep. According to Samsung, the Watch4 gives tips on how users can rest better on the basis of such information.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic

Samsung makes four variants of its Watch4 watch. The regular version is available with 40mm and 44mm watch cases and the more expensive Watch4 Classic comes in 46mm and 42mm sizes. The smallest versions of each version have a 1.2″ OLED screen with a resolution of 396×396 pixels. The two larger versions have a 1.4″ OLED screen with a slightly higher resolution of 450×450 pixels. All screens are finished with a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass DX+.

Internally, all models are the same. They run on the new Exynos W920-soc, which is made at 5nm. The models come with 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. The more expensive Watch4 Classic has a different look with a rotating bezel that can be used for operation. There will be LTE models with eSIM support for both versions. The standard versions only have WiFi and Bluetooth.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Wear OS Powered by Samsung

The watches run on Wear OS Powered by Samsung. That is the name that Samsung gives to the operating system that consists of a combination of Tizen and Google’s Wear OS. In May, the manufacturers announced that they were merging the operating systems. A name was not mentioned at the time, but in later communication Google mentioned Wear OS 3.

Samsung’s version of the new Wear OS uses the One UI Watch 3 interface. It is possible to download apps from the Google Play Store and Samsung specifically mentions the improved integration with Google Maps, thanks to a built-in compass that works with that app.

Samsung will release the Galaxy Watch4 smartwatches on August 27. The Watch4 versions in the formats 40mm and 44mm cost 269 and 299 euros respectively. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic variants of 42mm and 46mm have suggested retail prices of 369 and 399 euros.