Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 cost 1799 and 1049 euros

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Samsung will release the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 on August 27. The Fold3 has a camera behind the big screen inside and S Pen support. Both models are slightly thinner and more compact than their predecessors, with an improved hinge.

According to Samsung, both new foldable smartphones are sturdier than their predecessors. This is due to the use of so-called Armor Aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus for the housing. The devices also use an improved version of the Hideaway Hinge, the hinge that was introduced with the Galaxy Z Flip. According to Samsung, the hinge has shorter bristles to collect dust, which would make it work better. The manufacturer’s own tests would show that the screen can be opened and closed 200,000 times without any problems.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 are the first waterproof, foldable smartphones. They have an IPX8 rating, which means that they can be submerged 1.5 meters deep for up to thirty minutes. There is no dustproof certification and the manufacturer does not recommend using the devices in the pool or in the sea.

Both the Fold3 and Flip3 support Flex mode, in which the screen can be used in different tilt positions. According to Samsung, this works at angles between 75 and 115 degrees. The Z Flip models could already do this; the Flex mode is new to the Z Fold3.

Galaxy Z Fold3 with S Pen support and rear camera

The Z Fold3 is Samsung’s first foldable smartphone with stylus support. Samsung does not provide this and it is not possible to use existing versions of the S Pen; they can damage the screen according to the manufacturer. The S Pen Fold Edition or the S Pen Pro must be used. These are special designs whose tip retracts when too much pressure is applied. There is only support for the stylus on the big screen inside.

According to Samsung, that main screen is 29 percent brighter than the predecessor. The peak brightness is 1200cd/m² and the screen on the outside of the phone reaches 1500cd/m². The Z Fold3’s main screen is not interrupted by a camera notch. It is the first Samsung phone with a camera behind the screen. The manufacturer uses a 4-megapixel camera with pixels of 2 µm. The front screen still has a notch for the camera. It contains a 10-megapixel camera.

According to Samsung, the foldable AMOLED screen on the inside is equipped with ‘optimized screen layers’ and is therefore eighty percent more durable than that of the Fold2. Samsung specifically mentions the use of PET, or polyethylene terephthalate. The dimensions and resolutions of the screens are virtually unchanged from the Z Fold2. Also new is the front screen, which supports a variable refresh rate up to 120Hz.

Inner screen Front screen
Galaxy Z Fold3 Galaxy Z Fold2 Galaxy Z Fold3 Galaxy Z Fold2
Screen type Amoled Amoled Amoled Amoled
Screen diagonal 7.6″ 7.6″ 6.2″ 6.23″
Screen ratio 5:4 5:4 24.5:9 25:9
Surface 181cm² 181cm² 80cm² 80cm²
Resolution 2208×1768 pixels 2208×1768 pixels 2268×832 pixels 2260×816 pixels
Max. refresh rate 120Hz Adaptive 120Hz Adaptive 120Hz Adaptive 60Hz
S Pen Support Yes new new new
Camera Behind screen Notch in screen Notch in screen Notch in screen

Galaxy Z Fold3 slightly thinner than predecessors

The housing dimensions of the Z Fold3 are almost the same as those of the Z Fold2, but the new model is slightly thinner. Folded open, the device is 6.4 mm thick, which is a difference of half a millimeter. When folded, that is 16mm, making the Fold3 almost 1mm thinner than the Fold2 at its thickest point.

As with the previous Fold models, the battery is divided over the two halves of the phone. With 4400mAh, the capacity is slightly lower than that of the predecessor and charging is done with a maximum of 25W. Wireless charging is possible with 10W and the device supports wireless reverse charging with 4.5W.

The camera island on the back again has three cameras. In addition to the primary camera, it is an ultra-wide-angle camera and a telephoto lens with 2x optical ‘zoom’. Samsung uses a 12-megapixel sensor for each camera.

Dimensions Galaxy Z Fold3 Galaxy Z Fold2 Galaxy Fold
Enclosure in closed position 158.2×67.1x16mm 159.2x68x16.8mm 160.9×62.9×17.1mm
Enclosure in open position 158.2×128.1×6.4mm 159.2×128.2×6.9mm 160.9×117.9×7.6mm
Weight 271g 282g 263g
Battery 4400mAh 4500mAh 4235mAh (5G version)

Galaxy Z Flip3 with bigger Cover Screen and lower price

Samsung is releasing a successor to the Z Flip 5G with the Z Flip3. The biggest change is in the price; the device has a suggested retail price of 1049 euros and is therefore 450 euros cheaper than the Z Flip at the introduction. The price of the Z Flip fell in six months from 1500 euros to about 1100 euros.

The new model is aligned with the Fold series in terms of numbering. The new device has a larger Cover Screen, which is visible when the device is folded in half, although it remains relatively small with a diagonal of 1.9 “and a resolution of 512×260 pixels. The Flip3 has a screen with a variable refresh rate on the inside up to 120Hz The diagonal and resolution of the folding screen are virtually unchanged from its predecessors.

Inner screen Cover Screen
Galaxy Z Flip3 Galaxy Z Flip (5G) Galaxy Z Flip3 Galaxy Z Flip (5G)
Screen type Amoled Amoled Amoled Amoled
Surface 102cm² 102cm² 9.4cm² 2.5cm²
Aspect ratio 22:9 22:9 18:9 23:9
Diagonal 6.7″ 6.7″ 1.9″ 1.06″
Resolution 2640×1080 pixels 2636×1080 pixels 512×260 pixels 300×116 pixels
Refresh rate 120Hz Adaptive 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz

Samsung provides the Z Flip3 with improved stereo speakers. The housing is slightly more compact than the predecessor, but the weight is unchanged. The same applies to the battery capacity of 3300mAh. Once again, the Z Flip3 has a primary camera and ultra-wide angle camera, this time both with a 12-megapixel sensor. The device charges with a maximum of 15W and wireless charging goes with 10W. There is also support for reverse wireless charging with 4.5W.

open Closed
Galaxy Z Flip3 Galaxy Z Flip (5G) Galaxy Z Flip3 Galaxy Z Flip (5G)
Length 166mm 167.9mm 86.4mm 87.4mm
Width 72.2mm 73.6mm 72.2mm 73.6mm
Thickness 6.9mm 7.2mm 17.1mm 17.3mm
Weight 183g 183g 183g 183g
Battery 3300mAh 3300mAh 3300mAh 3300mAh

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888-soc

Both Android 11 smartphones have a 5nm octacore soc and a 5G modem. Samsung does not specifically mention which chip is involved in the spec sheets, but the clock speeds mentioned correspond to those of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. The Z Fold3 has 12GB of ram and 256GB or 512GB UFS 3.1 flash storage. With the Z Flip3, that is 8GB of ram and 128GB or 256GB of storage.

Galaxy Buds2 Earphones

Together with the smartphones, Samsung presents its Galaxy Buds2 earphones with active noise cancellation. The Bluetooth 5.2 earphones contain a woofer and a tweeter, and they are equipped with three microphones. With ANC on, the battery life is up to five hours, according to Samsung. With the charging case that is a total of twenty hours. The case can be charged wirelessly with Qi chargers.

Prices and availability

The Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 can be pre-ordered immediately and will be in stores from August 27. Preorders will ship from August 20. The Fold3 costs at least 1799 euros and customers who place a pre-order will receive a Cover with S Pen and charger. The set costs 89 euros separately. The Flip3 has a starting price of 1049 euros and the Buds2 earphones cost 149 euros.

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