Samsung: Galaxy S III sold ten million times

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Samsung has sold ten million copies of its top model Galaxy S III. That’s what the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division said, a Korean news agency said. This means that the milestone has been reached faster than with the Galaxy S II.

Samsung has reached the milestone of ten million units of the Galaxy S III within two months, where that took four months with the predecessor Galaxy S II. It was obvious that the milestone would be reached more quickly; the phone was available on several continents immediately after release, with versions for the United States and South Korea following within a month. Samsung also sold ten million of the Galaxy S from 2010, but that took a few months longer.

About 190,000 Galaxy S IIIs are sold per day, Yonhap pers news agency has reported calculated in response to the statements of JK Shin, the director of Samsung’s mobile division. This means that sales are still not as fast as that of the iPhone 4S, the smartphone that has sold the most worldwide in the months after release. In the first 2.5 months after release, Apple sold an estimated 20 to 35 million units of that model.

Samsung and Apple will announce their quarterly figures in the coming weeks, which will also include more information about the number of smartphones sold. iPhone sales are expected to stagnate or decline as there have been rumors of a successor to the iPhone 4S for some time now. Samsung is now the market leader in the field of smartphones; According to estimates, the Korean manufacturer sells 50 million smartphones every three months.

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