Samsung combines Lpddr5 and UFS 3.1 nand on a single chip package

Samsung has started developing smartphone memory that combines Lpddr5 DRAM with UFS 3.1 nand flash on a single chip package, the Lpddr5 uMPC. The chip doubles the performance compared to the previous generation Lpddr4x UFC 2.2.

The chip package combines mobile DRAM and nand interfaces, and according to Samsung can deliver high speed and large storage space with low power consumption. This should make it possible for more devices to run applications that currently mainly work on flagship devices, such as extensive photography, graphically intensive mobile gaming and augmented reality.

Samsung says the new multichipset delivers nearly a 50 percent improvement in DRAM performance, from 17GB/s to 25GB/s, and doubles nand-flash performance. It goes from 1.5GB/s to 3GB/s, compared to the previous Lpddr4x UFS 2.2.

The complete package also takes up considerably less space, because the entire module is only 11.5mm by 13mm in size. The chipset has a memory capacity of 6GB to 12GB and between 128GB and 512GB storage space, so that it is suitable for both high-end and midrange phones. Samsung expects the chipset to hit the market next month.