Sabrent shows heatsink with SSD that completely fills the PlayStation 5 expansion slot

Sabrent is working on an SSD heatsink that will completely fill the PlayStation 5 expansion slot. The heatsink replaces the cover in the console that hides the M.2 SSD. Sabrent will sell the heatsink in combination with its Rocket 4 Plus SSD.

In a video, Sabrent shows an SSD heatsink that has been specially designed for the PlayStation 5. It is still a prototype, but the manufacturer says it will bundle it with its SSDs. It is not yet known whether the heatsink will also be available separately.

According to Sabrent, it is already possible to use the existing Rocket 4 Plus SSDs with heatsink in the PS5, but the original cover can no longer be attached. With the new design, Sabrent integrates that cover plate into the heatsink itself.

Sabrent does not provide details on cooling performance. It is not clear whether the special design actually affects the performance. Sabrent is the first manufacturer to show an SSD heatsink made especially for the PlayStation 5.

Other manufacturers have already indicated that their SSDs are suitable for use in the Sony console. For example, WD says that for the WD Black SN850 and according to Seagate, the FireCuda 530 models are suitable for the console.

At the end of July, Sony gave recommendations for expanding the SSD in the PlayStation 5. It must meet certain dimensions and there are recommendations for speed. Expanding the SSD is currently only possible for users of the beta of the PlayStation 5 software. It is not yet known when Sony will release the expansion option for all users.