Rumor: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 gets bigger screen and can measure blood oxygen

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Xiaomi would like to equip its upcoming Mi Band 5 with the ability to measure the oxygen level in the blood. The bracelet should also have a larger screen than its predecessor, the Mi Band 4. The Mi Band 5 is said to be released in July.

The website Tizen Help claims to have heard some details about the Mi Band 5 from sources. In addition to a larger screen and the measurement of oxygen in the blood, there would be support for Amazon Alexa and the measurement of a larger number of activities. A score is calculated that indicates how active the wearer of the bracelet is. Further details about the specifications, such as the precise dimensions of the screen and the resolution, are still lacking.

There would be two versions of the Mi Band 5, a Chinese and an international variant. Xiaomi did that with previous models as well. According to Tizen Help, the Chinese version is the only one to feature nfc support; this has been omitted on the international variant. That was also the case with the Mi Band 4; in China, users can use the smart bracelet to pay.

Xiaomi is rumored to present the Mi Band 5 in July. The Chinese manufacturer did just that last year, when it announced the Mi Band 4. The international version probably won’t be available right away, but will be out later this year.

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