Rumor: Windows 10 is getting support for Android apps

Microsoft would consider allowing Android apps in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. They could run with emulation on x86 systems. This would be planned for sometime in 2021.

It’s not clear how far along Microsoft is with the plan and when it will be available, but Windows Central sources say Android apps may be coming to Windows 10 sometime next year. The site says it will soon be able to provide more information.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft will release two more feature updates for Windows 10 next year , but the update will be the major update in the fall and the minor one in the spring. In recent years it was the other way around. The major update at the end of 2021 would include many innovations to the interface. It must therefore become more modern and consistent.

Microsoft will also add 64-bit emulation software to the ARM version of Windows 10 next year. Currently, only 32-bit software emulation is possible on devices such as the Surface Pro X. Microsoft previously announced tests with 64-bit emulation.

Furthermore, Windows Central says Microsoft will release Windows 10X in the first half of 2021. The lightweight operating system would be positioned as a Chrome OS alternative. This OS is also intended for foldable dual-screen devices such as the Surface Neo, but such devices and the Windows 10X version for it are rumored not to be released until 2022.

Windows 10X could also potentially run on ARM PCs and be available only on new devices. The operating system would not come out separately or be available separately for users to install themselves, just like ChromeOS and iPadOS.