Rumor: Sony wants to bring PS1 and PS2 games to PS4

Sony Computer Entertainment would have plans to offer PS1 and PS2 games via emulation software on the PlayStation 4. It was previously announced that old games would be offered as a stream, but that only seems to apply to PS3 games.

According to a source from Digital Foundry, which is part of Eurogamer, Sony plans to emulate PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games locally on the PlayStation 4, rather than offering them through the gameplay over IP concept that uses will be for PlayStation 3 games. The games should then be emulated at an HD resolution, with the console taking care of the upscaling. This should prevent the old games from getting the same blurry upscaling effects as on the PlayStation 3, where PS1 and PS2 games are also emulated.

The emulation software for PS1 and PS2 games would complement the streams that Sony wants to offer via PlayStation Now on, among other things, the PlayStation 4. Through these streams, gamers should be able to play old PlayStation 3 games. For the even older games, Sony will probably opt for a local solution, which should benefit the latency and image quality.

Sony has not yet commented on the possible support of PS1 and PS2 games via emulation software on the PlayStation 4. It is therefore not yet clear when the emulation software should be rolled out on Sony’s latest console. The release date of PlayStation Now is not yet known exactly, although it is clear that Europe will only be next in the first quarter of 2015.