Rumor: Samsung is going to invest in panels with white OLEDs

Samsung’s display division SDC will invest in the bulk production of OLED panels with wrgb pixels. Previously, this technology was developed by Kodak and later bought by LG, whose OLED TVs still use this technology.

Samsung would consider building the TFT in a converted LCD factory, OLED Info writes in a message. The information is said to have come out through a well-informed employee from the top of Samsung. The organic LEDs would then have to end up in the A3 line, something that is seen as strange by the site, because the A3 line is the flexible, plastic-based OLED line that will soon be put into production.

The biggest stumbling block in using this technology is the fact that LG Display holds the most important patents on white OLEDs. It seems unlikely that LG will license its technology to its biggest rival. In addition to red, green and blue sub-pixels, the technique also uses white sub-pixels: to display white, only one sub-pixel needs to be lit instead of three.

The rumors are still unclear. Samsung put its extensive OLED plans on hold a year ago. The company then said it would not continue with OLED TV production before 2016 or 2017.