Rumor: Netflix considered buying cinemas

 Streaming service Netflix has considered buying cinemas, so that they can show their films on a big screen. It would have been interested in an American cinema chain, but that deal will not take place.

Netflix thinks the price for the biscuit chain Landmark is too high, writes Los Angeles Times . With a cinema chain, Netflix would like to make itself more attractive to filmmakers and organizations that distribute film prizes. For example, filmmakers would be assured that their productions would be on the big screen next to a release on Netflix.
Despite the fact that Netflix has considered buying cinema chains, LA Times and Variety both claim that the stream service is not negotiating with Landmark. It is unknown whether Netflix will take over another cinema chain at a later time.
In recent years, Netflix has been working on many cinema films in order to make and keep its streaming service attractive. The company finds the system to first bring a film to the cinema and release it much later for home viewers old-fashioned. Netflix did not want to respond to the rumor.


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