Rumor: LG will release TV with rollable screen next year jaar

LG would like to put a TV with a rollable screen in the shops next year. That’s what Bloomberg news agency claims. LG has previously shown a prototype of such a TV, where the screen can disappear into a soundbar.

The intention is that the TV has a screen that can roll up like a garage door, Bloomberg reports based on its own sources. The 65″ TV should be available in 2019, although the financial news agency does not state how expensive it would be. If it will be released, it will probably be an expensive TV. The television has an OLED screen. LG did not want to comment on the story.

The roll-up screen TV allows users to have a large screen when they want it and not have a large black area in the living room when it’s off. LG showed a prototype of such a TV at CES early this year.

Bloomberg further claims based on the same sources that LG will not present a smartphone with a folding screen at CES next month. Earlier there were rumors that the South Korean manufacturer would do so. LG would see little in the expensive technology to put a folding screen in a smartphone. However, the manufacturer would like to show a 5g phone at the Mobile World Congress telecom fair.