Rumor: Dell to re-enter home entertainment market with Alienware

Dell is again expanding into the home entertainment market and will use its Alienware brand for that, Digitimes claims based on Taiwanese sources. Currently, Alienware is still known as a brand for high-end game products.

It is not known which products Dell would release exactly. Digitimes says nothing about this, but according to sources in the Taiwanese supply chain, it would at least be an expansion into the home entertainment market, which normally includes products such as HTPCs, projectors, headphones and audio equipment.

It is most likely that Alienware would release an HTPC, for example: The compact Alienware X51 was already used as an HTPC by many users. Dell will also release a Steam Machine at the end of 2014, but this device is also aimed at gaming. Dell currently markets gaming laptops, desktops and accessories such as mice, keyboards and headsets under the Alienware brand. The products are characterized by their striking design with many references to Aliens.

Update, Friday 15.50: As reported in the comments, Alienware had the Hangar 18 audio device before.