Rocket League releases on November 14 for Nintendo Switch

Rocket League will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 14. The game can be played cross-platform with owners of the game on Xbox One and Steam, but cross-play with players on PlayStation 4 is not possible.

The Switch version will receive a number of exclusive items, such as special Battle cars styled in the colors of Mario, Luigi and Samus’ Gunship. These are free for everyone, but they must be unlocked first. There are also other exclusive items such as Mario and Luigi’s caps, which can be used on select Battle cars.

A Super Star rocket booster is also available for Mario and Luigi’s special cars. In addition to all the exclusive content for the Switch, the normal game modes are also available on the Switch version. The game will cost $20 for owners of this console. Owners of the racing soccer game on Switch can play online with gamers on Steam and Xbox One.

Since last year, Rocket League has already had cross-play functionality, allowing owners of the game on Steam and Xbox One to play the game together online. The game was previously released on the PS4, but Eurogamer previously reported that there is no support for cross-play with Sony’s console.