Microsoft is ending Premium for new customers

Microsoft has announced that Premium functionalities, such as the ad-free environment, will become part of Office 365. Premium is only available to existing users. Premium was a paid version of Microsoft’s email service that, in addition to the ad-free environment, allowed users to use their own domain name, better customer service and technical support, improved protection against malware and phishing, and more storage space. for the mailbox. These functionalities are now available in Office 365, Microsoft has announced.

Microsoft has said that the Premium service has been closed to new subscribers. Users who cancel their Office 365 subscription can still use, but the premium functionalities will no longer be available.

The personalized email address will not be available with Office 365. All Office 365 Home or Personal users will get up to 50GB of space in their mailbox if they use 12GB or more. A free account also gets 15GB of storage space for emails.

The features of Premium will be automatically activated for Office 365, based on the email address used there. According to Microsoft, it may take another month for all accounts to be updated. Premium was only nine months old; Microsoft has not said why the service will be discontinued.