Roblox Corporation Acquires Discord Competitor Guilded

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Roblox Corporation, the company behind the user-generated content game Roblox, is acquiring Guilded. That is a chat service intended for competitive gamers and competes with Discord.

Roblox and Guilded do not disclose the amount involved in the acquisition in the announcement. The chat service will continue to operate as an independent product group, Roblox promises. Eli, the CEO of Guilded, will remain in charge of the chat service.

Eli reports in a separate blog post that, in the long term, the acquisition should allow Guilded to “improve even faster” and work on “more ambitious projects.” The founder writes that nothing else changes in the service; Guilded will continue to exist as a standalone product. “Everyone, including communities, partners, and bot developers, can continue to use Guilded in the same way they do today.”

Guilded was founded in 2017 as a competitor to Discord. Designed specifically for gamers, the chat service includes voice and video calls, integrated calendars, scheduling tools for gaming sessions with friends, and more. The company also released an API in March to simplify bot development for the platform.

Image via Guilded

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