References to Steam Cloud Gaming Appear at Valve

Valve may be working on its own cloud gaming service such as Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud and PlayStation Now. This is evident from references to Steam Cloud Gaming on Valve’s partner website. Substantive details are not yet known.

Valve’s partner website asks participants to agree to the Steam Cloud Gaming Addendum. That was noticed by Steam Database, a site that tracks changes to the game platform’s database. The reference to Steam Cloud Gaming is visible in a javascript file on the Steam website. The term is mentioned several times, but only in the context of agreeing to new terms related to Steam Cloud Gaming.

Steam already contains several ways to stream games, but so far that has been functionality where users use their gaming PC to run the game. Steam Link allows users to stream a game to another PC, or to an Android or iOS device. In the past, Valve also made Link hardware, a box to stream games from a PC to a TV.

Google, Microsoft and Sony are focusing on streaming games where the hardware is not at the user’s home. Steam Cloud Gaming could be a similar subscription. Valve itself has not yet announced anything about such a service.

Current Steam Link functionality to stream games from your own PC to other devices