Reddit app for iOS gets TikTok-like feed of videos from subreddits

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Reddit has started rolling out a TikTok-like video feed for its iOS app. This feed shows videos from various subreddits that users follow, as well as some videos from subreddits that users don’t follow.

The video feed is shown in a separate section in the Reddit app for iOS, notes TechCrunch. Users can press a video button at the top of the app, which is located next to the button for Reddit coins. The feature shows a feed of random videos on the platform, which users can scroll through vertically. Users are shown videos from subreddits they follow and related content. Within the feature, users can give up and downvotes, leave comments and give awards.

It is unknown how Reddit selects the videos for its video feed. The company did not respond to media inquiries. The platform has not officially announced the feature and as far as we know, the feature does not have an official name yet. It is also unclear when the feature will be available for Android.

Several other social media platforms have incorporated TikTok-like video feeds into their services. YouTube recently introduced its Shorts feature in the Benelux. Instagram introduced a TikTok feature for its own app last year, called Reels. Snapchat also introduced a TikTok-like video feed in its app last year, called Spotlight.

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