Razer launches bigger and cheaper Core X enclosure for external graphics cards

Razer comes with a new housing for external video cards. At 300 euros, the Core X is a lot cheaper than previous variants. The housing is also larger and can accommodate video cards that take up three slots in PCs, but it does not have a USB hub or RGB LEDs.

The Razer Core X, like the previous Core enclosures, is connected with a Thunderbolt 3 cable and is intended for laptops that have a Thunderbolt 3 connection. There is now also support for macOS, with both the new Core X and the older Core V2.

The new X model is a lot bigger than V2 and uses a regular atx power supply instead of a small form factor model. It is a 650W power supply, which can also charge the laptop via the Thunderbolt 3 cable with a maximum of 100W. The housing is made of aluminum.

The Razer Core X has no further hub functionality. The more expensive Core V2 also has USB and Ethernet connections. Furthermore, the Core X does not have Razer Chroma RGB LEDs on board, which are on the more expensive smaller model.

According to Razer, the Core X is suitable for its own Blade Stealth, Blade and Blade Pro laptops. The housing also works with other Windows 10 laptops if they have a Thunderbolt 3 connection with egpu support.

Razer is releasing the Core X first in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany and China. It is not yet clear when the housing will be for sale in the Benelux. The manufacturer also continues to offer its Core V2 model for 500 euros.

In addition to the Core X, Razer has also announced a 15.6-inch version of its thin Blade gaming laptop.

Razer Core X Razer Core V2
price €300 €500
Nutrition 650W ATX 500W SFF
Charging laptop 100W 65W
USB + Ethernet Yes
Razer Chroma (RGB LEDs) Yes
Maximum GPU Size 330x160x60mm 300x145x43mm
Dimensions 374x230x168mm 340x218x105mm