Razer begins beta test with Zephyr RGB face mask for fourth quarter release

Razer announced its Project Hazel face mask at CES and later indicated that it will actually be available. Now Razer has announced that its mask will be named “Zephyr,” and that it is seeking beta testers ahead of a fourth-quarter release.

Like the initially announced Project Hazel, the Zephyr mask will have active ventilation and an automatic sterilization function via UV light, which activates when users place their masks in the charging case. The mouth cap also has two interchangeable air filters, which meet the N95 standard and must therefore be able to filter 95 percent of the particles from the air.

The Zephyr mouth cap also has a transparent front, which makes the mouths of users visible when they talk. The two air filters are surrounded by individually addressable RGB LEDs. The inside of the mouth mask can light up, with which the mouth of users must also be visible in the dark.

Razer is launching a beta test of the Zephyr face masks, allowing users to sign up to try the product before it officially hits the market in Q4. It is not yet known how much the mouth cap will cost.