Ransomware gang chat logs appear online after expressing support for Russia

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Chatlogs from the Conti ransomware gang have surfaced online days after the group expressed support for Russia in its war with Ukraine. The chat logs are believed to come from a Ukrainian member of the gang.

Security company IntelligenceX has put the chat logs online. These are logs from January 29 last year to February 27 of this year. These are logs from the internal Jabber server of the Conti group, a well-known ransomware gang, which attacked an Antwerp IT company last year, among other things.

A Ukrainian employee has sent the chat logs to various security companies, The Record reports. This probably happened because Conti had expressed support for Russia† Russia invaded Ukraine last week.

It is still unknown what picture emerges from the chat logs of the ransomware gang. As far as we know, it is the first time that so much internal communication from a well-known ransomware group has appeared publicly online.

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