QNAP Announces 8-Bay Nas with AMD Quadcore

QNAP presented the TVS-863+ NAS, a NAS that features an AMD quad-core processor of 64bit and 2.4GHz, with 8GB ddr3L-1600 ram. There are also 10GbE, a double HDMI output, 5 USB 3.0 ports and two gigabit LAN connections.

The system has an AMD Embedded G-series SOC with four cores and a Radeon GPU, which does not allow controlling video via UHD monitors. The TVS-863+ can accommodate up to 64TB of storage, expandable up to 192TB with the UX-800P module. The eight drive bays with SATA-600 connections can accommodate just as many hard disks or SSDs. Ram is expandable up to 16GB.

In addition, the system can transcode 1080p video in real-time and offline. The NAS has built-in support for Windows, OS X, Linux and Unix. ‘Qfinder for Chrome’ should help users of Chromebooks to connect them more easily via LAN to the NAS.