Rumor: Most AMD Radeon Rx 300 Cards Are Rebrands

Most of the next-generation graphics cards in the AMD Radeon Rx 300 series are rebrands. At least that’s what the Videocardz site claims after comparing old and new DeviceIDs in the Catalyst 15.3 beta drivers.

The tech site has made an overview of rumors about the upcoming video cards in the Radeon Rx 300 series, comparing the different DeviceIDs. The site writes that the Radeon R9 370 is based on a Trinidad GPU. However, checking the DeviceIDs shows that the Trinidad is actually the same GPU as Pitcairn, and Pitcairn in turn is Curacao. The DeviceID from the latest driver is AMD6811.

Videocardz finds that if this is correct, Pitcairn will now incarnate in a Radeon card for the fourth time. The GPU came out in 2012 with the Radeon HD 7870, a year later the GPU was renamed to Curacao and appeared in the HD 8860. Ten months later Curacao ended up in the R9 270(X). Now, 18 months after the release of that card, the GPU would finally return in the R9 370.

The same goes for the R9 360. Now it would appear under the name Tobago, while it was previously known as Bonaire. DeviceID 665F would show that the gpu falls into the Bonaire family. Oland returns in the Radeon R5 300 and R7 300 series. With 384 stream processors, this is an entry-level pass with gddr5 and ddr3 memory. The site suspects that this series will not end up in the normal sales channels. The Radeon R5 310 is an alleged rebrand of the Radeon 7470, 8470 or R5 235, all of which basically have the same Caicos GPU.

The mobile Radeon line cannot escape rebrands either. Rumors about an imminent rebranding of the R9 380 and 380(X) have appeared before.