Proton comes with a new house style and subscription prices

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Proton announces changes to its email client, cloud storage, VPN service and calendar subscriptions. In addition, the design of the Swiss company’s services has been given a makeover.

Proton has its subscriptions rearranged and given new prices. For users who already had a subscription, the price will not change. In addition to a free subscription, Proton offers a Proton Unlimited subscription for 10 euros per month. There is also a Mail Plus subscription for 4 euros per month.

The free plan has been upgraded to 1GB of storage, up from 500MB. The restrictions of 150 messages per day and a single email address remain. For those who just want email, there’s the Mail Plus plan, which includes 15 GB of storage, multiple email addresses, and access to Proton Calendar, the company’s calendaring app.

Finally, there is a Proton Unlimited subscription, which is a total package of all services that Proton offers. This subscription includes 500GB of cloud storage that is shared between Proton Mail and the Proton Drive cloud storage. This cloud storage service is still in beta, but anyone with Proton Unlimited gets access. Proton vpn is also included in this subscription.

All services are offered through a new web address and have been redesigned. The new design should make all Proton apps feel like part of the same “privacy-by-default ecosystem”, writes Proton founder and CEO Andy Yen.

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