PlayStation 4 Version H1Z1: Battle Royale Coming August 7

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Daybreak Game Company has announced that the full version of H1Z1: Battle Royale will be released on August 7 for the PlayStation 4. The game remains free to play and contains new elements compared to the beta version.

The game’s release date has been announced on the PlayStation blog. The game includes two new weapons: an RPG and a semi-automatic sniper. In addition, a new vehicle will be added, called the ARV. This vehicle can carry up to five people at a time and has a hatch at the top to fire from.

H1Z1 is initially free, but you can pay to get rewards faster. There are 30 ranks of rewards, which can be unlocked by accumulating XP or by making in-game purchases.

The PC version of H1Z1 came out of Early Access in early March and then got a new addition in the form of Auto Royale. A week later, Daybreak Game Company, the studio behind the game, made the game playable for free. An open beta for the PlayStation 4 was available from May. Daybreak is also working on an Xbox One version, but it is not yet known when it will be released.

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