PlayStation 4 Samurai RPG Nioh will be out on Steam on November 7th

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The Samurai RPG Nioh, which has been available exclusively on PlayStation 4 since early this year, is coming to Steam. Koei Tecmo releases the PC version. It is a Complete Edition with all DLC packs.

A page from Nioh has appeared on Steam stating that the game will be available from November 7th. It concerns the Complete Edition including DLC, which will also be released for the PlayStation 4. It is not yet known what the PC version will cost. Also, no details have been released about how the game has been adapted for PC.

The game is set during a civil war in Japan, in which demons also play a role, in the year 1600. The game was announced more than 11 years ago and is developed by Team Ninja, the creators of the Ninja Gaiden series. The RPG shows similarities with the Dark Souls series in terms of gameplay and difficulty.

Nioh appeared on the PlayStation 4 early this year and received good reviews. The average score on Metacritic is 88 points. On console, the game was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Since Sony released the game itself, it didn’t seem like the game would come to other platforms at first.

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