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Planet Coaster receives a Thememaker’s Toolkit

Frontier Developments gives designers and players of Planet Coaster the opportunity to create 3D models for the game and share it with others. The Thememaker’s Toolkit is available for free.

Makers can upload their creations from the Thememaker’s Toolkit for Planet Coaster to a website. They can indicate the name, in-game price, category of scene browser and colors. The site performs a check for problems and creates a file that can be used in the game.

From there, users can share their 3D model with others via Steam Workshop. Models must be supplied as a .fbx file, with png for the textures. The toolkit itself contains no possibility to make models, users need to have Autodesk Maya for example. Adding whole rollercoasters is not possible.

“Artists within the community can make a series of items, such as a sci-fi space ship or a specially made bush”, according to Frontier Developments . The toolkit will be available for free this year. Soon the developer promises to announce more about a new update for the game.

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