Photos show prototype of canceled Samsung dual-screen smartphone

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Images have surfaced online of what is believed to be a prototype of a canceled Samsung dual-screen smartphone. The prototype appears to be from early 2015 and never made it to the market.

The prototype can be seen in pictures of twitterer MMDDJ_ and shows a design that resembles the Galaxy S6 series from 2015. The model number is said to have been G929F. The F at the end shows that it was a smartphone that Samsung developed for the European market.

The photos only show the effect of a fold-out second screen, such as the ZTE Axon M, which appeared on the American market last year. The design seems to consist of three parts, two of which are equal parts, presumably containing OLED screens and a housing for presumably the regular hardware for a high-end smartphone of that time.

Samsung developed the smartphone under the name Project Valley. There have been rumors for a long time about a new smartphone from Samsung, this time with a real foldable screen. It is unknown if and when it will appear.

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