Photos may show Sony Xperia XZ3 dual camera smartphone

Photos have surfaced online that may show the Sony Xperia XZ3 smartphone. The device in the photo shows a dual camera and otherwise there are few changes to be seen compared to the current XZ2.

The dual camera is not in a rimmed part of the back, as with the XZ2 Premium. Instead, the photos show the lenses detached in the housing, below the flash and other sensors. The photos, which SumahoInfo put online, show a design that otherwise looks almost identical to that of the recently released Xperia XZ2.

It seems obvious that Sony will present a successor to the XZ2 at the IFA electronics fair, which will take place in Berlin from the end of August. The Japanese manufacturer has shown its second series of high-end phones of the year at that fair last year. Because Sony releases a high-end smartphone twice a year, the changes are often minor.

If the dual camera of the XZ3 is the same as that of the XZ2 Premium, it is a regular camera and monochrome camera, both with a size of 1/2.3 “and a maximum resolution of nineteen megapixels.