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Photo shows Nokia smartphone with five cameras at the back

– Boys, boys, our competitor has given two cameras to their new device!
+ Ah, really? We have to respond to that …
– Maybe three cameras, then?
+ Hmm, bit clearly a reaction to the competitor, or not? Plus, that is exactly what others are already doing. Someone else an idea?
* Eehm … Well, yes, maybe. Eh.
+ Come on, throw it out!
* Well, so I was thinking … Five cameras?
+ Genius! Let them come back from it. Make it happen!There will be some technical reasons, but if this is such a perfect solution, why do not we see this in ‘real’ cameras? I am guessing that it is because everyone has to be the thinnest, and therefore is greatly limited in what is possible in terms of aperture and such. It would adorn Nokia to go against it once and just make something thicker with real camera hardware. Call it a 2020, for the joke. Or else Sony? They have such knowledge internally and a smartphone branch that can use a boost …

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