BMW will add its own voice assistant to cars next year

BMW has unveiled its Intelligent Personal Assistant for the car. The car manufacturer offers this from March next year and the assistant can use it for inside and outside the car.

The voice assistant can be activated with the command ‘Hey BMW’, but users can also give the assistant a name . Users can use the assistant for, for example, the operation of music, finding locations and changing settings such as the temperature. The assistant becomes smarter over time and can indirectly respond to the driver’s wish according to BMW . For example, in a comment such as ‘Hey BMW, I’m cold’, it would automatically raise the temperature.
In addition, the assistant can, on request, explain functions of the car, give information about the status of the vehicle and help answer questions about the BMW model. In the future there will be expansion with tips on an efficient driving style, proactive warnings and reminders for maintenance.
The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can also be used outside the car via a smart speaker or smartphone. In the future, the software must work with personal assistants from third parties, such as probably Amazon’s Alexa and Googles Assistant. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business is already in place for reading e-mails and conference calls .
The basic version of the assistant with voice recognition is available in 23 countries from March 2019. . It is required that the car is running BMW Operating System 7.0. The integration and updates take place via the Remote Software Upgrade function. In order to be able to use the assistant, BMW owners must take out a three-year subscription. The car manufacturer does not yet disclose the costs for this.