Owners of Samsung soundbars complain about the lack of eARC update

Owners of some soundbars that Samsung released last year complain about the lack of a reportedly promised update that would add eARC. Many speculate that this update will no longer be available, partly because the manufacturer will release new models in the long run.

There have been complaints for months from owners of the Samsung Q60R, Q70R, Q80R and Q90R soundbars released last year. Samsung would, according to quite what users have promised that an update would follow to add eARC support, something that would have been in a number of reviews of the soundbars.

The tech journalist Stephen Withers wrote several and he was accused of misleading buyers. He denies to have been paid by Samsung and says it has adjusted all its reviews to the point of the lack of eARC. Thereby he says that it doesn’t look good, because Samsung will release new soundbars in a few months and the company According to him has never been very generous in supporting previously released products in the past. Similar complaints have also been made in the past about the lack of support for Dolby Atmos via arc and DTS-X support with the K950 soundbar; this 2017 model did receive a DTS 5.1 update.

withers wrote in November that Samsung was testing the eARC update and that it was coming. Which had according to him, it should happen in December and the HW-Q60R would fall by the wayside, but so far no update has been released. Samsung says nothing about it so far. On an official Twitter account the company said over a week ago that there is ‘no speculation about future updates’.

With the support of eARC it becomes possible to transmit lossless audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X and Dolby Atmos. Therefore, the television or other device connected to the sound source must support it. This is the case with HDMI 2.1, but eARC is also possible with HDMI 2.0.