Full The Walking Dead series is available on Nintendo Switch

The original Telltale-created episodic game The Walking Dead is now playable in its entirety on Nintendo Switch. Developer Skybound Entertainment has released the remaining seasons for the Switch and is re-released all parts on Steam this week.

Skybound Games announces on Twitter that seasons two and three are now available on Nintendo eShop, making it possible to play the four released seasons. Nintendo has confirmed this with a released trailer about Season Two and A New Frontier; these are the names of the second and third season.

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season was released for Switch in August 2018, and the four episodes of the fourth season, called The Final Season, came out drop by drop. Season two and three should have been released, but the company laid off its employees in September and October, after which it was postponed.

The rights to the game series went to Skybound, a developer co-financed by Robert Kirkman, the man behind the The Walking Dead comics. Not only the games but also the well-known TV series are based on this. Skybound brought in quite a few former Telltale employees. It is unknown when the standalone title The Walking Dead: Michonne will be available for the Switch.